We change the future for vulnerable children

Upright Kids Foundation has been operating in Bukavu since 2017, the number of children who are losing parental care remains distressingly high. Our organization has been intensifying its efforts to help and strengthen children stay with and grow up in their family.

We work hard to find and support solutions for vulnerable children or those without adequate care who can’t find a home. The need to find solutions for vulnerable children remains immense. We would like to light a small candle, a glimmer of hope. Reduce poverty and inequality in rural settlements.

Our Vision​

UKF looks to build a peaceful community without vulnerabilities or discrimination where the well-being of people is guaranteed and all children are equal in rights and duties.

Our Mission​

UKF aims to create a world where all vulnerable children fulfill their potentials and grow up to become valuable community members.

the children need your help

Fundamental Values

Perspective on the rights of the child; Education and training; Humanitarian assistance and emergency assistance; Provide a transitional welcome with adequate psychological care for children victims of human rights violations; Gender equality and fight against sexual violence and gender-based violence; Environment protection; Reduce hunger through agro-pastoral promotion for community development; Reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS and other serious diseases (malaria, diarrhea, tuberculosis, etc.); Advocacy.

Areas of Development

Provide care for orphans and vulnerable children; Facilitate access to equal education and training for orphans, vulnerable children, and girls without discrimination; Fight against poverty by promoting income-generating activities; Reinsertion of street children into their families; Raise awareness among people (girls and boys).

Education of children

Through our social center, we seek to strengthen vulnerable children in Bukavu to become self-sufficient; through small loans, by offering training that will enhance vital skills, or by providing food. By providing kindergarten and schooling for the children, we enable poor parents to attend their work knowing that their children are well cared for.

Our activity