What We Do

Since 2017, Upright Kids Foundation (UKF) has been on the ground providing support to the most isolated and underserved children in the Democratic Republic of Congo, from our earliest days in South Kivu helping children and their families hardest hit by the great depression to today.

Each year we deliver amazing books to classrooms in different schools in Bukavu. These books have impacted the lives of so many children who didn’t have access to books to boost their skills.

UKF is a leading advocacy for children, ensuring their voices are heard and their best interests are prioritized. We fill critical gaps in services and deliver scalable solutions to the challenges children face.

UKF works actively to get children off streets, get them new homes, and help them to connect to their families. We are also running for an orphanage to provide a safe house for children without guardians.

UKF has three programs that are designed to address the needs of the children:

  • Personal Development Program
  • Meet my Parent Renewed Life
  • Education Program

This team works closely together with each child, their family and school individually, to create trust and address specific problems at the roots. This personalized approach makes it possible for the child to develop at his/her own speed and to recognize all children’s different potentials.

The Personal Development Program

Provides a center for street children where they can safely attend different activities, mentorship and counseling, which helps developing children’s potential and shapes their characters. There is a Child Protect Club to provide psychological support to children whose rights have been violated.

Meet my Parent Renewed Life

This program puts great importance on cooperating and counseling the childs parents, to ultimately restore a healthy and supportive living situation for each child. This program aims at making them feel loved, protected, and supported again by their families and giving the children a role model in form of their parents. Consequently, this program is leading to solving the core reason for children to leave their homes.

Education Program

This program aims to teach children the English language as their second language. It also helps children to eventually go to school by facilitating the contact to educational institutions and funding of school materials and fees. Each year, more than 3.000 children receive books that help them get knowledge on human rights and environmental protection.