Young people are willing to do whatever it takes to change the world. 6 in 7 are passionate about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 1 in 3 do not feel that they are able to contribute towards achieving these goals as they are knowledgeable about the problems in our world, but only a few have proffered sustainable solutions. Complaining or having a profound knowledge of a problem does not solve it – creatively crafted innovative actions does. To save our world, we must stand up with children as we are building a better future for them. What image would the world have, if we make one percent better every day.

We believe taking small practical actions.

  • Advocacy: Children may only be 20% of our population, but they are 100% our future. That is why advocacy is core to Upright Kids Foundation’s work on behalf of children across the Democratic Republic of Congo. We are creating bipartisan support to make sure children have access to high quality learning opportunities, good health, and the same rights as other children.
  • Right to survival: Every child has the right to life and to the satisfaction of his basic needs: decent standard of living, housing, food, medical care.
  • Protection: A child has the right to protection against all forms of abuse, exploitation or negligence. In particular, protection concerning work, torture and army force and use of drugs.
  • Rights to non-discrimination: Children’s rights apply to all children, regardless of their gender, race, religion, language, social background, political opinion, ethnicity or the origin of their parents.
  • Right to participation: A child is not a passive individual. He has the right to express himself, to give his point of view on the decisions taken in his regard and to participate actively in the development of the community. The Convention on the Rights of the Child guarantees children the freedom of expression, the right of association and freedom of peaceful assembly.
  • Privacy: At Upright Kids Foundation, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our visitors and donors.
  • Mortality: Every day, children die before their 5th birthday, mostly from preventable causes. The hope for children became a nightmare.

Upright Kids Foundation needs your help to continue its work in the promotion and protection of children’s fundamental rights. Your gift is life-changing and dozens of children depend on it. You will see your generosity in action.

For more information, please contact Upright Kids Foundation at info@uprightkidsfoundation.org.