About us

Upright Kids Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, working for the protection, health and education of children.

Areas of Development

  • Provide care for orphans and vulnerable children
  • Facilitate access to equal education and training for orphans, vulnerable children, and girls without discrimination
  • Fight against poverty by promoting income-generating activities
  • Reinsertion of street children into their families
  • Raise awareness among people (girls and boys)

Fundamental Values

  • Perspective on the rights of the child
  • Education and training
  • Humanitarian assistance and emergency assistance
  • Provide a transitional welcome with adequate psychological care for children victims of human rights violations
  • Gender equality and fight against sexual violence and gender-based violence; Environment protection
  • Reduce hunger through agro-pastoral promotion for community development
  • Reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS and other serious diseases (malaria, diarrhea,
    tuberculosis, etc.)
  • Advocacy

This multidisciplinary group was motivated to come together by the sole desire to contribute to the protection and promotion of children who are victims of social marginalization, economic, children without guardians and street children.

Across the Democratic Republic of Congo, three in five children grow up in poverty. 95% of counties with the highest poverty rates are rural, because of circumstances beyond their control. Four in ten children were never registered at birth, which makes it difficult for them to access health care, go to school, or inherit property. Due to extreme poverty many parents find it difficult to cater their children and they eventually decide to abandon their children. They end up in the streets alone, with no food, no access to school and no love. Children spend their time on the streets either because they do not have a home to return to, or due to economic and social issues within their families that force them to find an occupation outside their homes.

The crowded city of Bukavu lies close to the Rwandan border in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is the capital of Bukavu province and situated in a beautiful location on a hillside overlooking Lake Kivu.

However, beneath the idyllic setting lies one of the most violent and conflict-filled areas in recent history. This region has witnessed horrific actions at the hands of other humans and which, outside of the cities, is still considered a dangerous place to travel through. Different militias continue to spread fear and violence on the roads and in the countryside.

Poverty is omnipresent in Bukavu, where the lack of suitable space to build houses is turning the growing city into a very overpopulated place. Throughout the many years of conflict, women and children in particular have been suffering, and the number of children left to fend for themselves is alarming. For decades, numerous children in the region were forced to become child soldiers, and traumas experienced by those who survived it make it difficult task to reintegrate them into society.

When left to fend for themselves, many children have no other means to get food than to beg, do petty jobs, or become involved in crime and prostitution. The troubled past decades have also made it difficult to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS, which is increasingly threatening parents’ ability to adequately care for their children.

Upright Kids Foundation has been operating in Bukavu since 2017, and number of children without care or at risk of losing parental care remains distressingly high. In the last two years, our organization has been intensifying its efforts to help and strengthen children at risk of breaking apart, in order to give more children a chance to stay with and grow up in their family.

We work hard to find and support solutions for orphaned children or those without adequate care who can’t find a home. The need to find solutions for vulnerable children remains immense.

The majority of children in the kindergarten and primary school run by Upright Kids Foundation come from the local community. Here, the children are given the opportunity to experience a good learning environment – something that is not widely available in the area.

Through our social center, we seek to strengthen vulnerable children in Bukavu to become self-sufficient; through small loans, by offering training that will enhance vital skills, or by providing food. By providing kindergarten and schooling for the children, we enable poor parents to attend their work knowing that their children are well cared for.

Furthermore, the education and skills of the children will help them and their families to achieve a brighter future in the long-term.